How MustGo Solid Products Work + FAQs

How MustGo Solid Products Work

Products release deep penetrating vapor within enclosed treatment spaces.

Dry vapor particles occupy porous materials to eliminate and prevent musty odors.

Built-in controlled release technology delivers consistently over time (30-365 days, depending on temperature and air flow).

MustGo Solid Bars are made with porous media, which is impregnated with 100 times its weight of active ingredients. One solid MustGo bar treats 200 cubic feet of still air.

MustGo Solid Bars and MustGo Storage Tablets are long lasting, effective and economical.


MustGo Solid Products FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What odors are MustGo Solids Bars/Storage Tablets most effective against? Musty Odors caused by mold, mildew, dampness and humidity.


What is the active ingredient in MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets? Diphenyl, also known as Biphenyl (CAS# 92-52-4).


Is the active ingredient in MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets listed on the California Prop 65 list? No, it is not.


Are MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets hazardous if ingested? MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets have low oral toxicity.


Are MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets a desiccant and do they remove moisture? MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets are not desiccants and do not remove airborne moisture. Desiccants have limited moisture removal capability based upon their weight and need to replaced frequently, whereas MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets are very long lasting.


Can MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets be used in conjunction with calcium chloride moisture absorbers? Yes - MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets can be used in the same space as calcium chloride moisture absorbers, but should not be physically mixed together.


Can MustGo Solid Bars be used in open, lived in spaces? Yes, MustGo Bars can be used in lived in space, as long as the room is well ventilated - however they are primarily designed for use in enclosed spaces such as closets, safes, attics, sheds, vehicles/RVs/boats in storage, etc. - where vapor is emitted from the products and is contained.


What other products or industries that Diphenyl is used? Diphenyl is used as food preservative and flavoring agent. The fruit industry has impregnated packaging with diphenyl.


Does Diphenyl occur naturally? Yes. Diphenyl does naturally occur and has been detected in bilberry, wine grape, carrot, peas, rum, potato, bell pepper, tomato, butter, milk, smoked fatty fish, cocoa, coffee, roast peanuts, olive, buckwheat and tamarind. Diphenyl is found in many foods, some of which are lovage, carrots, alcoholic beverages, and nuts.


Do MustGo Storage Tablets have an added fragrance? No - they do not.


Do MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets sublimate at the exact same rate? They do not. MustGo Storage Tablets go through a physical change during manufacturing. When the Diphenyl crystals are compressed into tablets under tons of pressure, they become compacted. MustGo Storage Tablets vaporize 5 times slower than an equal amount of loose diphenyl granules - and also at a slower rate than MustGo Solid Bars. MustGo Solid Bars are made with porous media, which is impregnated with 100 times its weight of active ingredients.


How much airspace does one MustGo Solid bar treat? A 5’x’5’x8’ area (200 cubic feet of still air), such as a walk-in closet.


Are the MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets patented? MustGo Solid Bars are US patented (No. 9,596,848) - Storage Tablets are patent pending.


Do the MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets leave a residual odor? No. The adsorbed vapor that is released dissipates once exposed to fresh air.


Do MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets contain any dyes and will they damage natural or synthetic materials? Will the Solid Bars/Tablets bleach, stain or corrode property - including linens, documents, leather goods, jewelry, guns and other delicate belongings? No - MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets do not contain dyes - and unlike other products, they will not bleach or corrode property, including delicates.


Are MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets harmful to pets or children? For safety, MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets should be placed out of the reach of small children and pets. General Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and do not ingest. In the event of eye contact, remove contact lenses if necessary and immediately flush with water for 15 minutes, then seek medical attention. In the event of skin contact, wash area immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If ingested, get immediate medical attention.


Do MustGo Storage Tablets harm clothing, leathers, fabrics, artwork and documents? No. In fact, they do the opposite. During enclosed storage MustGo Storage Tablets protect valuable textiles against mildew odors and mildew related staining.


How do you know when MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets are no longer effective? MustGo Solid Bars will have a porous media remaining, with no solid material within. MustGo Storage Tablets shrink as they emit vapor, providing a visible indication of remaining product life and can be used/are effective until they completely evaporate.


How are MustGo Solid Bars different from MustGo Storage Tablets products? MustGo Storage Tablets are specifically designed for use in enclosed spaces such as inside cardboard boxes, cabinet drawers, plastic storage bins, etc. MustGo Solid Bars are designed for use in larger areas such as closets, attics, sheds, etc.


Do higher temperatures and increased air flow accelerate MustGo Solid Bars/Storage Tablets vaporization? Yes.