How MustGo-PrepAir Solids Work

Product releases deep penetrating vapor within enclosed treatment spaces.

Dry vapor particles occupy porous materials to eliminate and prevent malodors.

Built-in controlled release technology delivers consistently over time (30-365 days, depending on temperature and air flow). Made with porous media, which is impregnated with 100 times its weight of active ingredients. One solid MustGo/PrepAir bar treats 5’x5’x8’ area (200 cubic feet) of still air.


Product Differentiation.

The difference between MustGo Pro and PrepAir is PrepAir has an added fragrance odor counteractant component and MustGo does not.


What products to use?

MustGo is specifically targeted towards water related odors. PrepAir is targeted at a wider range of odor problems.


Packaging differences. 

The only differences between Pro Packs and Consumer Packs is the Pro Packs contain 3 bars and the instructions are for Professional Use, while the Consumer Packs contain 2 bars and the instructions are for Consumer Use.


MustGo and PrepAir solid products are long lasting, effective and economical.